If you need your printer to be reliable (because you are running it over night at the office) or run a longer print (and you don’t have time for a second run) here some thing you should check in advance. These may not cause error for short prints.

  • Do you have enough material left on the spool?
  • Are all screws tight?
  • Does your power supply provide enough power without overheating?
  • Are all cooling fans running?
  • Did you choose the right printing speed, temperature and bed surface?

If you run your printer over night somewhere only do it if you have full trust in it even if you think everything works fine because the printer is new. You should start some long time prints while your are there and watch it. If it’s not your own place ask before, there may be regulations or a safe place for this kind of thing.


For long unattended prints i only use the heatbed for the first layers (i’m printing PLA) and using a string adhesive surface, even if removal is harder at the end. After years of smooth running i have a lot of trust in the printer but prefer living on the safe side.
The fire alarm of the office is directly connected to the fire department and even if it’s only a small 3d printer burning they will come by with everything (the building is huge) since they don’t now how big the fire is. This costs thousands of euros.

If have thought of buying a cheap smoke detector and hook it directly too a safety switch, but i didn’t have time yet.

Software security

In Marlin there are settings to prevent over-heating if a thermal sensor is broken (or there is some other error). The board will stop the heater if it ran on full power for a certain time. Check you long your printer needs to heat up from room temperature and add 10 seconds.


With the vibration the printer might move on the table or cause other objects to move. Check the table and the printer, or observe it during a longer print.